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EC Tucker, Ph.D.

Dr. Carolyn Tucker writes books for early readers, middle grade readers and young adults. As a classroom veteran, she has served over 25 years as a teacher and is recognized as a Kentucky Distinguished Educator.

Adventures in the Alphabet

- for early readers -

Follow along with author E C Tucker as she weaves charming tales for children through all 26 letters of the alphabet.

This is the charming story of Adan who loves apples, but must solve the riddle before Mr. Ainsely the farmer, will give Adan and his Anna one of his big, juicy apples. This book will teach your child how to recognize the letter “A” while solving a fun riddle. The book also comes with activity pages in the back of the book so your child can learn more about the letter “A.” This book is a Read-To book for younger readers or Early Readers, ages 3 to 7.

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Holly is a sad horse. All of her friends have left the farm to return to their homes with their own families. One afternoon, Holly sees her sad face in the pool on her farm and realizes she must do something to change her sadness into gladness. That’s when she hears the other farm animals having fun. When she investigates, she finds they are all playing with Hula-Hoops. Not wanting to be left out, she decides to join in the fun. The Hula-Hoop and the act of playing change everything. This charming story will help your child become familiar with the “H” sound and visually help him or her recognize the letter “H.”

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About E C  Tucker

About EC Tucker, Ph.D.    

Dr. E Carolyn Tucker has been an educator for more than 25 years, teaching students from primary to college level as well as professional developed courses for in-service teachers. She earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership form the University of Louisville. Serving on the faculty of a state university and at two community colleges. Dr. Tucker as served as an interim principal, speech and drama coach.

Dr. Tucker has is currently working on a book of poetry, a companion book to her book, House of Doors, which is a work of creative non-fiction that chronicles the life of Katie as she navigates the murky waters of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. She is also working on The Legend of the Blue Dragon, a series of children’s books, and a book of essays. She has also written a screenplay, and done several short films on topics for women and girls.

As an expert on the Rural South, she is available as a speaker and consultant in the areas of rural values, rural education, and women of the Rural South.

Carolyn and her husband live in Western Kentucky where they manage Brown Tucker Farms, LLC. They have two daughters and six grandchildren.